Our Staff

Bill Flury, as a senior executive and project manager developed and implemented major government information systems. At SRA Bill managed 85 projects with perfect cost, schedule and performance. Bill developed and ran a process improvement practice conducting over 100 assessments. He has facilitated frequent process improvement workshops for government agencies and contractors. He managed the first installation of a computer network and developed management aids and decision support tools for the senior staff at the White House, developing improved methods for managing presidential initiatives involving many agencies and private organizations for dealing with crisis situations. He is an Authorized CMMI®Evaluator.

Chris brings over 20 years distinguished executive experience in streamlining corporate and government operations, optimizing technical and human resources, and proactive business development. As an accomplished leader, he has had outstanding success in developing highly skilled cross functional teams and driving performance beyond corporate expectations. He has garnered an impressive history in program/project management, process re-engineering and strategic planning.  As PMI WDC Chapter Past President set the vision and mission for implementing new processes and re-engineering the board to become more strategically oriented. Proud to be a Rotarian.

Dr. Paul Mahata has over 40 years of experience in program/project management, business operations and systems engineering. He has provided training and consulting services to US Government customers: NASA, Veterans Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency. He was part of a delegation to NATO, Belgium, providing expert testimony on Arms Control. He taught fundamentals of Systems Engineering and Project Management courses at multiple NASA centers and at international aerospace companies. He developed a payload for the Columbia Space Shuttle and helped launch it successfully.

Bill has published three books on project management and process improvement available on Amazon.com:

          Draw What You Do: A Practical Approach to Process Improvement

          WYSIWYG Tales: See and Improve What You Do  

          A Tinkerer’s Notebook: Sharing the Joy of Tinkeringv