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Ethics and the Project Manager ⋆ GEMSOC LLC

Ethics and the Project Manager

Have you ever been in a situation where your supervisor directs you to do something unethical?  If you have, can you share the experience with your fellow project managers? (all responses will be kept anonymous).  OR, have you been in a situation that required you to pay a bribe to to someone to keep your project on schedule?  How do you reconcile these situations with the PMI© Code of Ethics?

1 thought on “Ethics and the Project Manager”

  1. In Ethics, most people have difficulties in dealing with a “grey area”, where there is no clear understanding of what is wrong and what is right. Through legal systems, a sense of morality, and general ethical standards of an organization, one can easily differentiate between right and wrong (or between do’s and don’t’s). The dilemma is when a person is faced with a “grey area”, where it could be right or wrong, based on how one rationalizes it. GEMSOC LLC’s new webinar module on “Leadership and Ethics” will help a leader or a project manager cut through the haze of the “grey area” and choose the best course of action. This new webinar module is especially helpful in India where the “grey area” seems to be much wider for making the most appropriate decision.


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