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Our Goal is Your Success

Delivering experience based webinars for individuals starting on the Life-Long Journey of Becoming an Effective Leader. Our webinars:

  • Are interactive and designed using experience-based knowledge and information
  • Prepares new as well as mature Indian managers to take on more active leadership roles
  • Assists the managers and “technocrats” to become leaders in their community and workplace
  • Helps in establishing the mentor-mentee relationship, following the age-old Indian tradition of “Guru-Disciple” interaction
  • To ensure that each participant has an opportunity to interact with fellow participants and the instructors limits the number of attendees.

GEMSOC is a supplier of professional training materials and consulting services for training in Project Management, Systems Engineering and Process Improvement. We offer both on site course delivery and licensing options with generous pricing. Special pricing and profit sharing is available for PMI® and INCOSE® Chapters.