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Specifically Designed for Busy Indian Professionals

Earn 12 Leadership PDUs
Delivered in Eight One and One Half Hour Sessions

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GEMSOC LLC is offering Webinars for our friends in India. (click here to see testimonials)

This offering of the "Leadership Webinar" is for interested individuals in India who would like to receive an experience-based training for the Life-Long Journey of Becoming an Effective Leader.  The purpose of this eight-module Webinar is:
  • To deliver an interactive Leadership Webinar designed for Indian Professionals, using experience-based knowledge and information -- different than "run-of-the-mill" theoretical leadership training.
  • To Prepare the new as well as mature Indian managers to take a more active leadership role
  • To assist the managers and "technocrats" to become leaders in their community and workplace
  • To establish a mentor-mentee relationship, following the age-old Indian tradition of "Guru-Disciple interaction
This Webinar will be delivered in eight 90 minute modules.   The participants will be required to complete some reading assignments between modules to prepare them for the next module.

For those attendees who belong to PMI Chapters, there will be a revenue sharing arrangement with the sponsoring chapter.
Upon receipt of payment you will be sent an email invite to the Webinar with the URL and logon information.

It is recommended that you use a USB headset with a noise cancelling headphone when listening to the Webinar.


“Chris, I did make some decisions based on the leadership training I received and I am happy to say that the decision taken was as you recommended. I am now confident on my ability to lead. Paul, your interesting examples during the training was very helpful and made the trainings more interesting.”      Juliet Rebello (Leadership Webinar Participant, Mumbai)

 “Your leadership webinar program was able to give an opportunity to the managers to understand and appreciate the fundamental principles with value addition of your personal leadership experiences. Again, theories are there and they have limitation too; but, when you combined the theories with examples of personal experience and wisdom, it made the real difference.”      KMN Pillai (Leadership Webinar Participant, Mumbai)

"The leadership webinar has been beneficial and gave me an opportunity to listen to the views of professionals from different backgrounds and age brackets. ………More memorable was the feeling of listening to Chris, a senior officer of the US Navy, one who has also established his mark in the corporate world."  Lt Col L Shri Harsha, Retd (Leadership Webinar Participant, Bangalore)

"Thanks Chris and Paul.  The webinar was really interesting and informative.  I learnt many things on leadership from both of you.  It will definitely help me and my team to perform better in work and personal life....I feel blessed to be part of this program."  Ashis Dash (Leadership Webinar Participant, Bangalore)

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A full refund will be made upon notice by the enrollee up to two weeks before the commencement of the webinar.  The request for refund must be made in writing through email.

In the event an enrollee cannot attend the cohort for which they were registered after the two week deadline, they may enroll/attend a subsequent offering without paying for the webinar again if the attendance is within one year of the date of the original webinar for which they were enrolled, provided there are enough vacant spaces open for them to attend (Our webinar software limits the number of enrollees to no more than 48).  The offering of subsequent webinars is contingent on a minimum attendance for each webinar.  For this reason, GEMSOC LLC cannot guarantee the offering of subsequent webinars.

In the event an enrollee us unable to attend all eight modules of the webinar for which they were enrolled, the enrollee will have the option to make up the missed modules during the next offering.  In exceptional cases the enrollee may make up the missed modules through the completion of an assignment which will demonstrate that the individual has covered the material through a reading and or written assignment which must be negotiated with the President of GEMSOC LLC or Dr. Paul Mahata.


Seminars are one time events, therefore, if a participant misses a seminar for a valid reason, GEMSOC may return half of the fees after a written request to the President of GEMSOC.

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