General Management Systems and Organizational Cybernetics

Process Improvement:

A woman owned small company had lost its CMMI® Level III certification. Through the use of the techniques in our Process Improvement Offerings, the organization was brought back up to level III in less than four months.  The key elements in this effort was the identification and documentation of the company's own processes, keeping all of the team focused on the goal, and having the members of the organization personally owning and following their processes. 

They said it could not be done in less than 18 months


Recommended Reading:  

Draw What You Do:  A Practical Approach to Process Improvement  (

Advanced Process Improvement Course:

A few months ago we delivered a course that combined the principles of the PMBOK® and CMMI® designed for participants who were from a local PMI® chapter. The course was designed to present the information in a very practical, jargon-free way. Here is the testimonial we got from one of the experienced Project Managers.

"The Advanced Process Improvement Course is a very clear and concise presentation!   I found the content logical, practical and applicable to everyday project management. Useful suggestions on the "HOW" were clearly addressed, where in many other courses, the "HOW" is implied.  Mr. Fristad and Mr. Flury's practical experience in this topic is clearly conveyed in this course.  I recommend this course to any individual or organization serious in pursuing Continuous Process Improvement."

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